• Integrate care and optimise
    patient experience with
    digitally enhanced

Integrate patient care across your entire health and care ecosystem with secure, digital communcation and collaboration.

Our technology is helping health and care professionals communicate better and enabling people to access the care they need quickly and easily, when it suits them.

Vocoll is our proprietary digitally connected platform through which patients, their families and healthcare professionals can collaborate and communicate in a secure, discrete and personalised way.

Remove strain on

Remove strain on front-line care teams and departments and add cost saving efficiencies.

Provide your teams with digital tools that empower them to provide better care.

Digital capabilities that progress your healthcare services into the digital world.

What does Vocoll do?

Enabling high levels of service quality and reliability, leading to outstanding patient-centred care for the NHS

Digitally mature capabilities

Provide digital decision support, remote
and assistive care.

Currently working in:

- Appointments

- CAMHS (Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services)

- External patient relations

- Community services

Vocoll can be implemented to enhance

Vocoll can be implemented to enhance the delivery of unscheduled care, by enabling digital triage and care pathway allocation to optimise your delivery of evidence based pathways of care, for services such as maternity, mental or sexual health.

Furthermore, our customisable software can also notify health and care professionals both inside and outside of your organisation of patient and service user preferences, as well as risks and early warning scores of deteriorating symptoms, which require further review.

Remote or virtual delivery of treatment

Remote or virtual delivery of treatment is available for low intensity interventions. 

Vocoll enables health and care professionals to contribute remotely to discussions about patient and service user care with colleagues outside their organisations.

Vocoll fully integrates with any website, intranet or self service patient portal. It supports remote care provision by facilitating secure virtual clinical consultations. It will also support the two-way exchange of media (images, PDFs, reports) between patient and a health professional.

It offers some of the following core features

It offers some of the following core features

It offers some of the following core features:

Digital Appointments is next in line functionality. Patients can view their appointment letters, confirm attendance or request to reschedule, (receive reminder texts) and add appointments to their personal calendar.

Help and advice materials. View location information and other clinic information, which may include leaflets and videos.

Test Results. View laboratory and radiology results such as blood tests and x-ray reports

more core features

Messages and documents. Messages and other correspondence, between a patient and their care team, including discharge summaries, outpatient letters and case notes can be stored in a record log, in support of the ‘paperlight initiative’

Other important patient information. Details of recorded allergies, current / repeat prescription medication.

Messaging (and video conferencing). Delivered via integration of the Vocoll suite.

Empower your patients and service users with digitally enhanced care.

Drive the integration of patient care across your entire health and care ecosystem. By tightening communication and collaboration across your organisation, community care teams, patients and service users, you can drive greater efficiencies and optimise patient experience.

Fully customisable to support your unique care

Fully customisable to support your unique care provision and communication requirements, both intra and inter-team and across multiple care settings.

Empower patients and service users to access and manage their individual care needs in collaboration with their entire care team.

Provide them with remote access, anytime, anywhere.

Implementing new technologies

Implementing new technologies requires notifying and supporting your patients and staff in adopting them. 

Vocoll can be implemented across your organisation as a support tool which can be used to help reduce calls to your support team, by fielding general questions related to new technologies. Specific questions can also be addressed in real-time by Vocoll's messaging functionality, helping to connect colleagues and boost internal staff relations.

What does Vocoll do?

Connecting patients, teams and relevant patient information accurately, in real-time.

Ramp up your digital readiness

Vocoll allows your organisation to take

Help patient and service users improve their access to and use of digital services.

Service more people at once with multi channel communication.

Free up resource time by providing automation to your workflows information management.

Simple to use and can be customised to your unique communication requirements, both intra and inter-department. 

Provide an ‘always on’ customer experience with Vocoll Chat Bot and Knowledge Base.

Make the transfer of information easier with better commnication and collaboration between users, teams and third parties.

Our commitment to the future of digital healthcare

Our future roadmap forms part of the broader vision of our mother company, VerseOne. VerseOne is dedicated to supporting the digitalisation of care across the NHS, with a focus on empowering patients and health care professionals with digital health technologies which support secure and tighter integration of care across the entire health and care network.

The VerseOne Patient Portal empowers patients as well as health and care professionals and service users, in securely accessing personalised information, in real-time, through full integration with the relevant parts of a patient's digital care system(s), such as an Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

VerseOne Health

Delivered via a web-based application

Delivered via a web-based application, our solution empowers both patients and the team involved with the unique and often multidisciplinary care of a patient by creating a single point of contact to view the relevant aspects of a care record.

Full integration with pre-existing medical records, lab systems and document management systems, the VerseOne Patient Portal adapts and scales as your digital environment changes, fitting in with mulitple digital systems and complimneting non-digital workflows and processes.

Vocoll is proud to be a Microsoft partner

Vocoll is proud to be a Microsoft partner allowing integration with Azure and the full Microsoft suite of products.

Vocoll is not an isolated solution

Vocoll is not an isolated solution

Vocoll is not an isolated solution to fit a current need. It is designed to be future proof and to grow and adapt with your digital ecosystem.

To help with digtal maturity, Vocoll is part of our Digital Innovation Hub, which allows you to communicate and connect information across all of your back end systems, and turn it into personlised and useful content.

This gives you full control of your content to enable better communication and engagement both internally and externally.

Digital Innovation Hub diagram

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