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In order to appeal to a digitally savvy generation, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) wanted to create digital touchpoints to augment their existing services and help support young people and their families in the community.

VerseOne’s Vocoll Live Support functionality provides responsive, online communication and collaboration channels, designed to connect teams with both service users and their families; all within a secure and engaging environment. The Trust chose the designed for purpose collaboration and communication product suite Vocoll, to deliver their ‘CAMHS Live’ service and support their 0-19 admin hub. Vocoll’s depth and breadth of functionality, combined with inbuilt configurability, helped empower both teams to deliver support in a responsive, personalised and engaging way.


  • Under 1 minute average response time
  • Over 5000 secure messages exchanged each week
  • 35+ calls on average resolved per week

The Challenge

Traditionally, CAMHS referrals relied on young people - typically struggling with their mental health - to come forward and present to their GP. The sometimes daunting nature of that process meant that many young people would simply not come forward and ask for help in the first place.

In order to support more young people, their families and the teams delivering care and support in the community - in line with their Long Term Plan - NHFT decided to implement Vocoll Live Support; initially to deliver their innovative ‘CAMHS Live’ service. The success of this initiative led to the 0-19 admin team’s subsequent request to extend the Live Support offering to augment their own services too.

Vocoll Live Support has provided new opportunities for young people to easily access mental health services.

Andrew Foster - Digital and External Communications Lead at NHFT

The Solution

CAMHS Live: A digital touchpoint to help make it easier for young people to access mental health services, whether from CAMHS or a third sector organisation.

After the initial, successful deployment of Vocoll Live Support in powering the Trust’s CAMHS Live Service, Northamptonshire have subsequently successfully implemented Vocoll in their 0-19 admin hub too. The service has empowered the support teams in fielding general queries, delivering advice and amending appointment times.

  • A discreet, ‘mobile first’ button: in order to appeal to a younger, digitally savvy generation, encouraging them to seek help in the first place;
  • A secure live chat stream: to connect young • people with a trained member of the CAMHS team;
  • Multiple chat streams: to enable support agents to handle multiple chat streams simultaneously, yet still retain control by using the built in ‘Accept Call’ functionality;
  • Seamless call transfer: to enable agents to seamlessly transfer chats to colleagues with deeper subject matter knowledge;
  • Unlimited channels: to enable teams to set their own discrete opening hours for when live support agents are available and to choose the title and number of available Chat Topics;
  • Geo-location: to empower support agents to give location-aware advice, such as where the nearest advice centre is. Alternatively, support agents can facilitate the provision of emergency care services, should a community user require it;
  • Secure Media Library: to enable both support agents and service users to share rich media through a secure upload function;
  • Templated responses: empowering support agents to reply quickly to frequently asked queries, and to maintain the Trust’s tone of voice with a personal flavour;
  • Safe and secure: driven through a secure online service, with all message traffic safely encrypted and all information stored within the UK.

Future Developments

Based on the ongoing success of CAHMS Live and the 0-19 admin hub, NHFT are now in the early stages of exploring how Vocoll’s Chat Bot technology could further enhance their offering.

Vocoll’s ChatBot technology offers an opportunity to enable greater streamlining of services and further optimise the use of resources, whilst achieving even better levels of individual care and support:

  • Knowledge Base: provides teams with the ability to populate or import FAQs and relevant support material, to create a repository of an organisation’s collected intelligence, which can then be mined by agents and service users as they deliver and access care via Live Support. Additionally the Knowledge Base parses information and generates relevant tags to support integration with and data mining through the AI driven Chat Bot;

  • AI driven Chat Bot: integrates with a team’s unique knowledge base, to help drive intelligent responses to service users’ queries, ahead of agent engagement. The Chat Bot enables service providers to be ‘in when they’re out’, without blocking their service users from accessing much needed personal attention, confidentially and in their own time.

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