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Vocoll Customer SVHS Overview

With the constant demands to save money and increase efficiencies during an unrivalled period of increased customer expectations for services, Severn Vale has worked with VerseOne Group to introduce Vocoll Live Support onto their website.

Success Statistics

  • < 1 min average call response time
  • 4/5 average satisfaction score for Live Support
  • < 4% of Live Support interactions need further follow up

The Challenge

Severn Vale were looking for ways to increase customer service to its customers (and future tenants) without increasing costs.

With a rapidly changing communications landscape, offering a choice of communication channels was important to the Severn Vale team, and Vocoll Live Support delivers on this.

With the ability for front-line staff to manage multiple chat sessions, and providing fast, direct and accurate information in real-time, Vocoll Live Support has led to increased efficiency, while simultaneously giving SVH customers an easy to use, flexible way of contacting the organisation.

With its comprehensive reporting features, Vocoll Live Support has enabled Severn Vale to analyse conversations and, where appropriate, make changes to content and navigation on the website. This has made a real contribution to the reduction of the overall number of enquiries and the increased level of customer satisfaction.

Solution Vocoll for RSL Customer Services

With no need for complex set-up tasks or integration requirements, SVH were able to hit the ground running with Vocoll Live Support. Within an incredibly short amount of time SVH were able to have instant, live interactions with their customers through their existing website solution.

A benefit of this quick and easy set-up process meant that SVH was able to see an increased level of customer satisfaction right away.

By utilising flexible shift times and the concurrent licensing Vocoll Live Support offers, SVH are able to have a flexible support team without the need for redundant licences, helping to save time and money.

Solution success Testimonials from SVHS teams

At Severn Vale Housing we have found web chat really easy to use. Customers seem to like it as they can get a response much more quickly than hanging on the phone, or emailing.

I also find the reporting easy to do at the end of each month. It’s really interesting to look at the length of chats, what they have been about and to look at customer satisfaction ratings.

—Sue McLachlan, Customer Services Manager at Severn Vale Housing

Driving better customer service Reactions from SVHS Customers

Find it easier as I’m partially deaf, struggle with the phone.

Both people I spoke to were very helpful and it is more convenient that phoning which is constantly engaged.

Thank you. That’s all, have to say it’s great to be able to ‘chat’ this way, very effective. Well done.

Vocoll Interaction Features

Headline features for digital interaction


Give your teams the ability to handle multiple chat streams at once.


Create groups of people and set privacy to keep communications secure.


Create and customise as many teams as you require.

Media library

Share rich media from a secure shared library. Add to your library simply by dragging and dropping images onto your Live Interactions.


Any device, anywhere. Your visitors and teams are mobile, so your Live Interactions should too. Accessible on desktop, tablet or smartphone—and omni-device synchronisation means conversations are never lost.

Security & privacy

Conversations are securely encrypted with the same security protocol as online banks—and all data is stored within the UK.


Create reports on how your teams and staff are doing. View stats on timeouts, abandoned calls, resolutions, closure times, closed interactions, interactions by category and more.


Create and set categories for calls so that you can understand what people are calling for in reports. Re-organise mid-call, or at the end if required.

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