• Driving more informed and
    personalised customer

Digitally enhance your customer service.

Put the collective intelligence of your organisation at your customers' fingertips and provide digital capabilities that enhance your service and empower your staff.

Deliver great customer service

Deliver great customer service to your residents and stakeholders, at a time and place that suits them.

Provide targeted, context-based advice and services through URL tracking, geolocation, and in-built Google Translate.

Enable fast, proven communication through highly-secure document, image and video exchange.

What does Vocoll do?

Turning every online interaction into a great customer experience for Social Housing

Strengthen your reputation

Digital capabilities that improve your customer’s experience, improve loyalty, and enahnce your reputation.

Attract more customers

Attract more customers with great reputaion management.

Attract greater talent by being a trusted brand with a great reputation.

Boost your teams performance and motivation.

All the tools your service agents need to work smarter. Empower your staff to be as productive as they need to be.

Multiple call handling

Multiple call handling, with industry-standard active Acceptance, Resolution, and Closure (ARC) processes.

Templated yet customisable answers enable your staff to provide effortless advice on brand, with a personal flavour.

‘Be in when you’re out’ - Use Vocoll’s Chatbot, integrated with the built-in Knowledge Base, as the AI-first line of support.

Woman in a call centre