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    better customer experience

An enterprise application to enhance your customer service

Vocoll drives superior customer service experiences by facilitating optimised digital dialogues between organisations and their service users.

These digital dialogues...

These digital dialogues provide seamless access and management of personalised information and services alongside your traditional service channels.

Vocoll gives service users confidence and convienience and your organisation a higher standard of customer service with improved efficiency.

A digital dialogue...

A digital dialogue...

A digital dialogue is a two way exchange of information between an organisation and it's service users, which is made possible through a range of digital tools and processes. 

Digital dialogues empower both organisations and their service users, by seamlessly uniting them within a secure environment, to enable personalised information and services to be managed efficiently, anytime and anywhere.

What is Vocoll?

Vocoll helps organisations provide a higher quality, 'always available' customer service by reducing the workload on your existing support teams.

Artificial intelligence, automation and templated responses empower your staff to manage different dialogues simultaneously, without increasing costs.

How can Vocoll help your service users?

How can Vocoll help your service users?

Higher quality of customer service

Vocoll gives your service users greater convenience and empowerment, by enabling more effective self management, easier access and improved engagement with your organisation.

Give your service users the information...

Give your service users the information they need easier, quicker and at their convenience.

Give them the ablity to access their information when and where it suits them.

Give them peace of mind that issues are in hand and are progressing.

Provide freedom from inefficient, frustrating customer experiences that come from disconnected support providers, systems and processes.

Give them freedom to get on with their daily lives.

How can Vocoll help your organisation?

Greater efficiency and

Vocoll provides your staff with a range of digital tools which compliment and augment their existing workflows, so that their time can be freed up to focus on adding even greater value to your service users. 

By enabling tighter internal collaboration as well as the creation of intelligent knowledge repositories, expertise can be efficiently pooled and delivered seamlessly to your service users.

Empowering your organisation

Empowering your organisation with the best tools increases efficiences within your workforce and gives them the freedom to provide effectiveness and value where it’s really needed.

Service more people at once

Service more people at once

Service more people at once with multi channel communication.

Free up resource time by providing automation to your workflows information management.

Provide an ‘always on’ customer experience with Vocoll Chat Bot and Knowledge Base.

Make the transfer of information easier with better commnication and collaboration between users, teams and third parties.

Power to categorise, prioritise and tackle issues.

Accurately capture all stages

Accurately capture all stages of the customer engagement journey so everyone has an accurate and wholistic view.

Define and measure success metrics using team specific or organisation-wide reporting

Record transcripts for training purposes, with the in-built flexibility to manage data in line with your GDPR policy.

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