Vocoll for Patient Advice & Liaison Services

Vocoll has helped PALS be more efficient and to deal with queries faster and more directly.

In the current environment, 'all hands on deck' is a phrase thrown around frequently. This is the case particularly with PALS teams who would previously handle patient requests and complaints and distribute information for those who knew to contact them.

Vocoll can be implemented to enhance

Improving patient services PALS is more efficient and responsive with Vocoll

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters.

Patients are increasingly curious as to updates about the pandemic and how a trust’s policies are changing in accordance with daily changes to governmental guidance. Vocoll NHS PALS facilitates these live patient interactions.

Appointments and central switchboard teams are spread extremely thin while some PALS teams are being underutilised, or are just not known to patients as an alternative point of information.

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Challenges facing PALS

  • PALS are not as accessible as the primary switchboard/appointments service.
  • Patients are not aware PALS can handle the same queries.
  • Traditional telephony systems are massively overburdened with questions which have answers that require repetition of trust policy and nothing more can be done.
  • There is no triaging as part of a telephony system/queue.
  • It is difficult to pull reporting statistics and information from telephony systems in order to best organise human resources.

Vocoll solutions for PALS

  • Patients ask questions through Vocoll and PALS teams prioritise the ones they can answer or filter relevant PALS questions back to the patient so they can triage themselves and access the right team.
  • Vocoll provides another channel for all patient questions, relieving pressure on telephony system operators.
  • Automatic responses allow for Trust policies to be distributed accurately and in response to the relevant questions. The responses are customisable whenever required so the trust remains agile and patients stay informed.
  • Vocoll has automatic query categorisation and triaging, allowing operators to better prioritise queries and managers to better allocate resources.
  • Vocoll has excellent reporting and stats analysis. Take deep dives into when and where queries emerge in order to be proactive in solving problems and distributing information.

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