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Easily collaborate through frictionless digital interactions

Get things done Easily collaborate through frictionless digital interactions

Vocoll drives productivity through empowering collaboration between internal teams and external customers.

As a professional supplier to your sectors, we treat security as a first-class citizen. There are comprehensive security and privacy settings that enable you to save and search call transcripts, as well as bank-levels of security for interactions.

With Vocoll's simple pricing scheme—all of the features, all of the time—you have the flexibility to customise Vocoll and to scale up teams and groups with no limits.

Vocoll Interaction Features


Give your teams the ability to handle multiple chat streams at once.


Create groups of people and set privacy to keep communications secure.


Create and customise as many teams as you require.

Media library

Share rich media from a secure shared library. Add to your library simply by dragging and dropping images onto your Live Interactions.


Any device, anywhere. Your visitors and teams are mobile, so your Live Interactions should too. Accessible on desktop, tablet or smartphone—and omni-device synchronisation means conversations are never lost.

Security & privacy

Conversations are securely encrypted with the same security protocol as online banks—and all data is stored within the UK.


Create and set categories for calls so that you can understand what people are calling for in reports. Re-organise mid-call, or at the end if required.


Create reports on how your teams and staff are doing. View stats on timeouts, abandoned calls, resolutions, closure times, closed interactions, interactions by category and more.

Call transfer

Seamlessly transfer an interaction to a subject matter expert on your team and give them a private description on what the call is about.


Seamlessly switch between teams and groups to obtain and deliver information. Got a question about a specific issue? Speak directly with a supplier or subject matter expert in one interaction and deliver that message back to your customer (all without any hold music!).


Customise availability times for your teams, ensuring customers always know when someone is there to take a call.

Geo location

Know exactly where the caller is located so you can provide emergency or location-specific assistance if needed.

Searchable Transcripts

All conversations and groups are searchable, including links and files.

Contextual heads up

Show what page of your website the interaction was launched from for more context, precision, and reporting.


Bring external suppliers and contractors into conversations securely to help solve customer queries quicker and better.


See who's doing the best work with a league table—a way to clearly see stats on your team, gamify engagement, and provide incentives.


Translate interactions between languages, so that you can provide responses to anyone.

Video Interactions

Make real-time video calls. For when you need to show, not tell.


Re-open closed calls incase you need to re-establish the call.


Get a two week snapshot of activities at a glance.

AI-driven Knowledge Bot Features

Always on

Knowledge Bot will auto-activate when outside of available hours or if no one is available, making sure service users can always get what they need. If they can't, then it sends a callback request and log to the team to pick up when they are next available.


If Knowledge Bot can't answer the question, it will either send the call to a support agent or send a callback request to the support team.

Intelligent response

When a customer asks a question the Knowledge Bot retrieves the relevant answers. If those are not quite right, it will deliver new answers and will never repeat itself. It learns which answers are the best and uses those.

Templated responses

Customise responses to common questions (FAQs) and save even more time. Personalise the responses to feel more human or fit within your brand's tone of voice.


If a support officer comes online when Knowledge Bot is responding, they can interject and take over to provide 1-2-1 support.

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Enhance Team Communications

Connected Groups Collaborate with teams to get things done

Vocoll digital interactions enhance communications, knowledge and expertise by connecting with people, teams, groups and invited guests.

With Connected Groups, you can experience faster internal collaboration with pooled knowledge and expertise, allowing for more accurate responses to customer queries.

In short, Connected Groups enables you to share the collective organisational intelligence in the most frictionless way.

AI-driven Knowledge Bot Automate interactions, and be in when you're out…

Increase service user satisfaction and 'intelligent self help' by harnessing the power of Vocoll's ‘always on’ AI-driven Knowledge Bot—allowing people to resolve their issues, anytime, anywhere.

Knowledge Bot can provide first-line triage for repetitive queries, freeing up your customer service teams to provide support for more complex issues.

The AI-driven Knowledge Bot allows service users to quickly and efficiently find resolutions to their issues, whilst adding to your organisation's collective intelligence.

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