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Digital interactions are instantly better

So, you know the story, because I'm sure that you have some of the same issues: at VerseOne, we realised that we were sending large amounts of bulky and, sometimes, unnecessary internal emails.

The sheer volume of emails not only meant that our people were spending too much time sorting through them, but also that important communications were sometimes missed. So, we decided to change this by writing our own instant chat application, using the very latest technologies.

Over the last year, Vocoll Team Fusion has changed the way that we communicate—for the better.

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Achieving Channel Shift

VerseOne was founded specifically to make a difference in the enterprise content management arena. 

Our open standards VerseOne CMS provides the core publishing platform for over 200 websites, intranets and secure portals—providing our customers with a secure, flexible and robust way of delivering their content to their stakeholders.

Our integrated but modular full-stack solution, combined with our creative and digital services, ensures that VerseOne is able to provide end-to-end solutions that provide real digital maturity.

Vocoll is our optimised, real-time communication platform—and completes our digital engagement stack.

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