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    Driving over 1.7m digital interactions (and counting), our digital interaction platform is helping both clinical and clerical staff deliver efficient, comfortable and personal patient care...

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    If you're not using a chatbot now, you should do within the next year because that is what everyone else will be using...

    —Communications Manager, Barts Health NHS Trust

COVID-19 Playing our part in solving COVID-19 challenges

As a business focused on delivering innovative digital technologies for positive impact on the lives of people in the NHS and the patients they so wonderfully care for, VerseOne Group is thrilled to play its part in assisting with the huge challenges Covid-19 has presented the NHS.

In supporting the amazing work that the NHS is doing during this unprecedented time, made especially challenging by staff self-isolating, VerseOne Group is offering its market leading smart digital platform for communication and collaboration, Vocollfree of charge to all NHS organisations across the UK, be they existing customers or not.

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Seamless digital interactions Streamline patient care and empower staff across your organisation with secure digital communication and collaboration

Our communication platform is helping both clinical and clerical staff deliver efficient and personal patient care, as well as making vital information available to patients whenever and wherever.

Vocoll is our proprietary digitally connected platform through which patients, their families and healthcare professionals can collaborate and communicate in a secure, discrete and personalised way.

Digital prioritisation Increase the efficiency of administrative staff and both consultant and nurse-led clinics

Prioritise what really matters with digital tools that facilitate better care and happier care providers.

Digital capabilities that can accelerate your services into the digital world, to meet an ever changing and evolving care driven environment.

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Vocoll Interaction Features

Headline features for digital interaction


Give your teams the ability to handle multiple chat streams at once.


Create groups of people and set privacy to keep communications secure.


Create and customise as many teams as you require.

Media library

Share rich media from a secure shared library. Add to your library simply by dragging and dropping images onto your Live Interactions.


Any device, anywhere. Your visitors and teams are mobile, so your Live Interactions should too. Accessible on desktop, tablet or smartphone—and omni-device synchronisation means conversations are never lost.

Security & privacy

Conversations are securely encrypted with the same security protocol as online banks—and all data is stored within the UK.


Create reports on how your teams and staff are doing. View stats on timeouts, abandoned calls, resolutions, closure times, closed interactions, interactions by category and more.


Create and set categories for calls so that you can understand what people are calling for in reports. Re-organise mid-call, or at the end if required.

Digital triage Vocoll can be implemented to enhance the delivery of patient care

By enabling digital triage and service allocation you can optimise services where communication and accurate notification are paramount, such as maternity, mental or sexual health.

Our customisable software also facilitates the notification of clinical staff from both local and out-reach services, on issues like deteriorating patient conditions and early warning scores which require urgent review. All features are fully customisable and built to give you the flexibility to improve your services.

Remote triage Remote or virtual assessment and triage is available for chronic or non-emergency treatment functions

Vocoll enables healthcare professionals to contribute remotely to discussions about patient and service user care with colleagues outside their organisations.

Vocoll fully integrates with any website, intranet or patient self-service portal. The platform has been designed to improve and increase the efficiency and quality of remote consultations, transforming the way phone and virtual clinics are used by clinicians and viewed by patients.

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AI-driven Knowledge Bot Features

Headline features of our AI-driven Knowledge Bot

Always on

Knowledge Bot will auto-activate when outside of available hours or if no one is available, making sure service users can always get what they need. If they can't, then it sends a callback request and log to the team to pick up when they are next available.


If Knowledge Bot can't answer the question, it will either send the call to a support agent or send a callback request to the support team.

Intelligent response

When a customer asks a question the Knowledge Bot retrieves the relevant answers. If those are not quite right, it will deliver new answers and will never repeat itself. It learns which answers are the best and uses those.


If a support officer comes online when Knowledge Bot is responding, they can interject and take over to provide 1-2-1 support.

Messages and documents Use digital documents to drive your "paper light" initiative

Messages and other correspondence between a patient and their care team, including discharge summaries, outpatient letters and case notes can be stored in a record log, in support of the ‘paper light initiative.’

Other important patient information such as details of recorded allergies, current and repeat prescription medication can also be recorded before advice is delivered. All recorded with a faithful audit trail.

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Case Study Barts Health NHS Trust & Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Barts Health NHS Trust and Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have powered their intranets and multiple websites in partnership with VerseOne, when they embraced the possibilities of Vocoll.

Using Vocoll, Barts Health NHS Trust, the country's largest, has boosted effective interactions in a multitude of settings: maternity, CAMHS and in providing a controlled advice line for the busy Communications Team.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust delivers a wide range of services to a broad catchment area and the organisation has found Vocoll invaluable for triaging and delivering CAMHS services.

Watch them explain how and why Vocoll has saved resources, whilst enabling them to deliver better patient care.

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Vocoll is a modular, integrated suite of applications that can make your teams more productive and provide your customers with even better service—for one simple price.

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