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Reach out to patients with online support

In 21st-century Britain, chronic conditions are becoming more common due to lifestyle changes and an ageing population. Accordingly, the NHS is feeling the pressure, as are patients, who want convenient and cost-effective ways to help them self-manage their care.

For busy or home-bound patients, coming in for an appointment isn’t always easy or straightforward—and face-to-face appointments take up time and resource that isn’t always necessary if the focus of the visit is on information prescription and advice. And for patients with mental health issues, online therapy can help with daily maintenance.

Healthcare providers are exploring new ways to provide treatment outside of the traditional appointment, and online live support is a channel which brings benefits to both the patient and to the healthcare professional giving them help.

Last week, the BBC interviewed Nick Martin, a mental health patient who shares his story of online live support as part of treatment for depression, and how using this online channel to speak to someone and get advice has improved his care and ability to cope with his illness.

Listen to the interview with Nick Martin here.

If you think online live support could help benefit care in your organisation, try a free trial of Vocoll Live Support, a secure, access-anywhere channel for live help and advice.