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Achieving Channel Shift

Diagram showing VerseOne's full software product stack

VerseOne was founded specifically to make a difference in the enterprise content management arena. 

Our open standards VerseOne CMS provides the core publishing platform for over 200 websites, intranets and secure portals—providing our customers with a secure, flexible and robust way of delivering their content to their stakeholders.

Our integrated but modular full-stack solution, combined with our creative and digital services, ensures that VerseOne is able to provide end-to-end solutions that provide real digital maturity.

Achieving Channel Shift

In VerseOne's experience, customer and stakeholder channel shift can only be achieved when your online channel:

  1. provides the information and easy-to-use interactions that users require;
  2. provides these services at times that convenient for users;
  3. delivers frictionless access through the devices of users' choice;
  4. reassures users that their personal data is secure.

Similarly, digital transformation can only be achieved through the deployment of a platform that is:

  • robust, secure, designed for purpose, and functional out of the box;
  • highly customisable through soft-key configuration, and extendable through standards-based interfaces;
  • able to provide total flexibility of navigation and page design, allowing you to respond to user data and interaction feedback;
  • capable of communicating your brand values as part of your digital fingerprint.

Our in-depth knowledge of the enterprise sector, our understanding of wider user experience (UX), and our dedication to investment in our product, has allowed VerseOne to create an integrated but modular full-stack software solution that is specifically designed to achieve both channel shift and digital transformation.

Our software stack

Our guiding principle has been that, in order to realise the true value in your content, you need to be able to gather, normalise, personalise, and share it.

As such, VerseOne has developed three main platforms to achieve this:

  • Autevo—our data integration layer gathers information from back-office systems, via APIs, Web Services and CSV uploads. Autevo's intelligent mapping configurations then normalises these disparate pieces of data into easily consumable items of content;
  • Atlas Content Management Platform—this secure framework provides all of the content management (including consumption of Autevo data), publishing and display functions. It is the Core that powers VerseOne's secure, personalised web, intranet, automation and portal CMS applications;
  • Vocoll—our integrated collaboration platform is optimised for direct, real-time sharing of content and communications with stakeholders.

Vocoll has been specifically designed to be easy to set up—all you need is your work email address, and we'll do the rest. Give it a try, and improve your daily communications with your colleagues, your suppliers and your customers.